• Completed a course on “Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin”, by EMURGO Academy, Japan
  • Certified as an Ethereum Developer,by EMURGO Academy, Japan
  • Completed “Design Thinking for Innovation” from University of Virginia
  • Completed “Build a full website with WordPress” from Rhyme
  • Completed “Python Fundamentals” from University of Michigan
  • Completed “Python Data Structures” from University of Michigan
  • Completed “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” by Google Digital Garage
  • Completed “Ethical Hacking Training” (Basics) by Master of Project Academy
  • Completed “Instagram marketing” by BitDegree

(Certifications can be verified from my LinkedIn profile)

  • Completed “Marketing Analytics” by BitDegree
  • Completed “How to prevent DDoS attacks : A Course for Beginners” by BitDegree
  • Compelted “Communication Skills” by TCSiON
  • Completed “Group Discussion Fundamentals” by TCSiON
  • Certified “Android Enterprise Associate” by Google
  • Completed “Digital Learning for Educators” by Google
  • Completed “Waze Ads Fundamentals” by Google
  • Completed “Enterprise Design Thinking” by IBM
  • Completed “Enterprise Design Thinking – Team Essentials for AI” by IBM
  • Completed “Google Ads Certification” by Google
  • Completed “Google My Business Certification” by Google
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